Work With Me

Thank you for dropping by this pages. If you are here, I am sure, you are interested in my service. I can perform following tasks for you. Prices are quoted against each task. Please note I do not accept assignments without upfront. SeePayment Terms

I help businesses in Content Creation, SEO and Social Media Management. You can hire me for following:

Copy Writing, Content Writing and Academic Writing Services

Website Copy Writing: INR 10K Or USD Equivalent for up to 10 pages. 

Academic Writing (Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Computers, Technology, and Business)

Junior School Level: INR 150 or 5USD per page 
High School Level: INR 250 or USD 10 per page
Higher Secondary Level / K - 12: INR 350 or USD 15 per page
College Level: 1st year college course: INR 400 or USD 20 Per Page

Essay Writing: INR 300 to 3000 or USD 5 to 50 per essay

Academic Writing Specific- As per requirements.

Article Writing- INR 1 Or USD Equivalent per word

Press Release- INR 700 - 2000 Or USD Equivalent 

News- INR 150 or USD Equivalent for 400 - 500 words

Rewriting- INR 400 Or USD Equivalent per 1000 words.

Linked In Blog Post Writing- USD 15 Per Post or Euivalent

Facebook Post Writing - USD 10 Per Post or Equivalent

Google Plus Post Writing USD 15 Per Post

Tweet Writing: USD 1 per 3 Tweets. Minimum order, 30 Tweets

My Editing Services

Website Copy Editing-  INR 1000 Or USD Equivalent per page

Article Editing- INR 200 Or USD  Equivalent per page.

Proofreading-  INR 350 Or USD Equivalent for 1000 words.

Fact Checking: INR 1K or USD Equivalent per page

My SEO Package

SEO From Scratch
  • For Indian Currency Rupee INR 30K or equivalent in your currency I will do the following:
  • Top 5 keywords in your niche will be worked
  • Site Submission over all primary search engines and directories wherever free submission is allowed. 
  • Optimize up to 15 Page.
  • Write 15 Feature Articles to publish on your website.
  • Submit Ads on 10 different Market Place Directories 
  • Submit 30 Articles in a month over different article submission directories.
  • Write 50 Posts around your business each on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.
  • Put Bookmarks on 10 Places
  • Write comments on 150 Places

Keyword Optimization for Websites and Blogs
  • 1 Keyword - INR 5000 or USD Equivalent
  • 5 Keyword- INR 10000 or USD Equivalent
  • 10 Keyword- INR 15000 or USD Equivalent
SEO Maintenance: 10 K per month

Social Media Optimization (SMO Services)

USD 10 per per profile / page (Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus, LinkedIn etc)

My Social Media Management (SMM) Package

For Indian Currency Rupee INR 15 K or equivalent in your currency I will do the following:
  • Join 50 Groups on Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Like 300 Pages on Facebook and 150 on Google Plus
  • Publish 500 Posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus; all posts shall be embedded with Any Choosen Best 5 #Hashtags around your business.
  • Reshare 500 Post on Facebook, Google and Retweet 500 Tweets.
  • Press 1000 Post Likes each on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
Note: You can chose any 3 Social Media for the quoted price.

Sample Articles: If you want to see exclusive sample article for your specific requirements, place your order for the same. Pricing is 1 USD per 100 words.

My Blogging Services Blogger Blog / WordPress Blog

For Indian Currency Rupee INR 5 K or equivalent in your currency I will do the following:
  • Customize A Free Template According to your needs; this shall be a two column template, 1 Column for Blog Post and other Side Bar  
  • Create 5 Static Pages, e.g. About Us, Contact, Services, Etc.
  • Include Social Media Profile on your blog; Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In
  • Embed a Follow by Email Plugin
  • Embed RSS to subscribe in a Reader

* If you want to set a custom domain for your blog, domain booking charges shall be extra.
* Images and Content for Blog shall be provided by you.
* If you want me to create images and write content, charges shall be extra.
*** For custom domain setup on wordpress 20USD etc.

My Website Development Services

For Indian Currency Rupee INR 15K / USD 300 or equivalent in your currency I will do 20 Page Website according to following specification
  • Website Size 20 Page
  • One Domain Name Booking for 12 Months
  • Website Hosting for 12 Months (Linux / Windows)
  • Create About Us, Contact, Services, Products, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Page. Plus 12 pages as per your requirements.
  • Include Social Media Widgets Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn
  • Free Website Maintenance for 3 Months; later INR 5K per year or equivalent in your currency.
  • Create a Blogger Blog on Custom Domain e.g. blog. 
  • ***If you want your blog on WordPress 20USD etc.
eBook Content Writing 15 Pages: INR 3500/- or 60 USD or equivalent.

Blog Coaching & Consulting

Professional Training: INR 25000 or US $ 400 for full 5 week course. You can pay in 5 easy installments. Classes will be held at your place if you are based in New Delhi or NCR. In case you are staying in a different city, I can train you via Skype and Phone. Reasonable charges for travel and phone calls will be applicable. Classes will be held 5 days a week during set time. Students can take class in a group of 5 for same fee. 

Beginner Training: INR 3000 or USD 50; course duration 5 weeks. Classes will be held at your place if you are based in New Delhi or NCR. In case you are staying in a different city, I can train you via Skype and Phone. Reasonable charges for travel and phone calls will be applicable. 

My Services for Academics

Objective Question Preparation for Competitive Exams- Rs 25 per question or US Dollar equivalent.

Detailed Solution for objective questions- Rs 75 per questions or US Dollar equivalent.

Question and Answer Preparation for School and College Exams- Rs 125 per question or US Dollar equivalent

GK Question and Answer for Competitive Exams- Rs 15 per question below K12 Standard, Rs 20 at K-12 standard and Rs 30 above K-12 Standard. US Dollar equivalent also accepted.

Specialized Research Services and Analysis: $40 per hour or $ 2000 per project. Travelling and material cost etc if applicable.

Translation Services (English-Hindi-English)

If you want to translate your English script to Hindi, my services are available. I ensure the accuracy of grammar and use of specific and relevant words. Also I try my level best to maintain the fluency of the language without distorting the meaning of the content, thereby maintaining the authenticity of material..

Translation services from Hindi script to English are also available with all the assurances as above.

Translation Charges: Rupee 3 per Word or USD equivalent.

On Project Basis- You also can ask me to work on project basis. In such case you require paying 30% upfront and then pay as we go.

Discount Offer: 10% Discount on more than 5 pages and  more than 5 hour work available to those who pay full advance.

Hire me at your place: I am freelancer, but open to come to your office and work with team for Delhi / New Delhi Based Employers. Convenience + Food + Money, that's what all I need. If you are outside Delhi, I would need shelter too.