Easy Steps to Make USB Hard Drive Bootable

USB hard drives got many nicknames Thumb Drive, Jump Drive or Falsh Drive etc. These are available in different capacities starting from few MBs to hundreds of GBs. Also market is full of brands, you can buy one according to your requirements. USB hard drives are great slave of modern day when you need to transfer data files and folders from one computer and to other.

What capacity USB Hard Drive you buy depends on uses; if you are a documentary maker and wish to store or transfer all those media files using USB Hard Drive you need more GBs, however for those need to transfer or keep couple of e-books or personal portfolio, 1 GB or even less will do.

USB Hard Drive is same like a Computer Disk Drive. You need to perform regular maintenance activity to keep them healthy. The health of your USB hard drive is vital for storage and data transfer. USB Hard Drive is prone to heating effects, especially when sitting out of USB port. When connected, any amount of air is enough to keep it cool. Burt when kept in outside environment you need to protect these from heat, dust and moisture.

Computer geeks know how those PCs distract you when you need them most. At times catastrophic system failure leads to huge frustration and sometimes losses. This is when your USB hard drive comes in handy. If you have one, better, if not buy one today and make it bootable which will prove great friend in case of system failures. You can buy any capacity USB Hard Drive 1 GB, 2GB, 4 GB or more according to your uses and budget.

In case of system failure, you can boot your computer directly off your USB hard Drive and recover crucial information stored in your computer disk drive. Also best part of a USB hard Drive is that, you can partition it, in same way as you partition your computer disk drive. Thus you can create a separate segment in USB Hard drive for storing and Boot PC.

In the event of a catastrophic system failure, you would be able to boot your computer directly off of your USB hard drive and attempt to recover any important information stored on the hard drive installed inside your computer. You can make any USB hard drive bootable by following a few fast and easy steps.

Here is how to make USB hard drive bootable???

  • Find USB port on your computer normally located in CPU. Connect USB Hard Drive to this port.
  • Double Click over My Computer icon on desktop.
  • Now right click over the Icon of your USB hard Drive.
  • Go to properties option.
  • Look for tab Autoplay, click on it.
  • Look into the list of devices, select USB Hard Drive.
  • When done, click OK on the bottom right corner of the window.

Now your USB hard drive will work as bootable device when you start your PC next time.

Note: This is in your best interest that you buy a separate USB hard drive, make it bootable and keep it safely with you. This will prove a great friend in case of a system failure.