Ethical Hacking Training

Hacking, the word itself is loud enough to raise once attention. It’s the integral part of computer & software technology. Hacking means entering or/ and changing content of website or software program and databases without owners’ permission. Hacking is unethical, its theft, and serious offence which is punishable under the state laws as well as IT Laws. Person involve into hacking called Hacker.

Nowadays, everything is going online, gone are the times when most of the information both personal and business were maintained on piece of paper. With the advancement in IT technologies, now every information both personal and professional goes on a virtual server from our tablets, and one can decide whether one want to share once such information with family and friends and made public or wish to keep them for self only.

With the rise in Information Technology Services, number of such thieves also increased manifold. This is where it’s vital to know the minds of hackers, the technique they use to get access of important and crucial databases without owners’ consent. This is when we need to find loopholes in our software and website security system; we need to test them rigorously before putting any piece of information on server driven databases, if they are hacker proof. The task is termed as ethical hacking, the integral part of software and network engineering.

Software’s Security, databases privacy, keeping websites content safe from hackers and keeping personal information secure are round the clock worries for everyone. Companies and individuals appoints competent developers and programmers as ethical hacker or decoders to find loopholes in their own written programs and hence to make own self secure when privacy and online data theft comes into question. Many companies’ conducts training programs in ethical hacking for own staff members. Also many software companies offer ethical hacking courses for training of others and provide ethical hacking certification.

Ethical Hacking Courses are becoming obvious choice among programmers and developers. When you have Ethical Hacking Certification, you have the passport to hack someone’s database on invitation. You will be paid for hacking. The more good an ethical hacker you are; more will be your package and demand in the industry. Ethical Hacking is a profession recognized worldwide.

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, in short EC-Council is the international certifying agency for training and certification of ethical hacking. The agency receives supports from professionals’ worldwide. This agency works in the different standards and certification in both electronic commerce and information security segment. The council conducts many numbers of courses and training programs. The EC Council is based in United States of America.

Besides there are big training agencies and corporate houses everywhere in the world, viz; UK, Russia, Japan India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia etc those are solely engaged in ethical hacking training. The sole aim of all hacking institutes offering ethical hacking training is one: ‘keeping hackers at bay from your data base and thus providing safe locker rooms for your online wealth.

Following given list of couple of Courses in Ethical Hacking:
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • Certified Security Analyst
  • Certified Network Defense Architect
  • Certified Security Specialist
  • Penetration Tester
  • Certified VoIP professional
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Disaster Recovery Professional
  • Certified Security Programmer
There are wide varieties of training and certification programs offered in ethical hacking. In all major Indian locations; viz; Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Hyderbad, Bangalore, and Chennai etc those are considered IT Hubs in India. Software and IT Companies conducts ethical hacking training for internal staff. Besides these companies also offers ethical hacking training courses for other companies and training institutes as well.

Seeing the potential in ethical hacking training, different computer training institutes in India conducts ethical hacking certification courses. Normally these programs are offered as part time program. You can find course in ethical hacking ranging from a week to a year. Ethical Hacking Training also makes part of curriculum in IT Courses in academia.