How to Format USB hard Drive

USB hard drives come with different names, viz; Thumb Drive, Jump Drive or Falsh Drive etc. These come in different capacities starting from few MB to hundreds of GBs. Also there are multiple brands in market to chose, you can buy one according to your requirements. USB hard drives proves great friend when you need to take data from one computer and transfer to another.

USB Hard Drives are specially must have devices to those who don’t own a permanent internet connection but use one from cyber cafe or library. Simply you can browse your favorite program in a computer connected with internet, download data to your USB Drive and further transfer it to your Home PC and you are all prepared to watch your favorite movie, read an interesting e-book or play a video game at your ease.

USB Hard Drives are easy to carry, and when you have important office data stored in it, you carry your office with you. Simply plug USB Drive in any computer from Cyber Café, Hotel Room or anywhere and you are all ready to work. Open source software make your USB Hard Drive much useful as you can put your favorite program in a USB Drive and start working in that particular suit anytime of the day.

What capacity USB Hard Drive one buy depends on uses; if you are a fashion photographer or movie maker and wish to store or transfer all those media files using USB Hard Drive you need more GBs, however for those need to transfer couple of e-books or personal portfolio, 1 GB or even less will do.

USB Hard Drive is same like a Computer Disk Drive. You need to perform regular maintenance activity to keep these in good health. Yes, the health of your USB hard drive is vital. So at times it doesn’t disappoint you, when you need it this most. USB Hard Drive is prone to heating effects, especially when sitting out USB port. Keeping them away from dust and preventing against shock are precautionary measures you may take to keep your USB derive healthy. Another important thing is formatting an USB Hard Drive; same like a PC or Laptop, you need to format these time to time.

Here is how to format USB Hard Drive for Windows XP users-

  • Add USB Hard Drive in USB Slot of your PC.
  • Format your USB hard drive via disk management in Computer Management Console. Follow the following steps.
  • Go to start menu in the extreme bottom left margin or your computer, then click on settings, then click on Control panel, then go to Administrative Tools, and then to Computer Management.
  • In Computer Management Console, Right Click on your new drive and choose to Format.
  • A dialogue box will appear, Click Yes.
  • Choose a File System; NTFS works in most of the cases and give a name to new volume; or simply click OK and default name would be selected.
  • Wait till OS completes the operation.
When done your USB Hard is ready to use for data transfer or store like before.