USB Hard Drive Beginners Guide

USB Hard Drive is used as an external storage device for transferring data between computers, and storing documents for back up. These come in various capacities, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB or more. What capacity USB Hard Drive you need depend on how much storage or data transfer you need at a time, and what sort of file you often intended to store.

If you are frequent traveler, love photography and wish to put all those pictures in a USB Hard Drive, you need bigger capacity. However, if you want to put all your yearly income assessment in a locker stored in a USB Hard Drive you need smaller capacity, probably 1 GB or 2 GB will do. Whether you are a student, a business professional or a salesman, an USB Drive is ultimate when you wish to travel with your data.

When you carry a USB Drive, you carry your office with you. Not only this, even you can keep your favorite software in a USB Hard Drive and do work from anywhere. Simply connect USB Hard Drive in any computer and you are all ready to work.

USB Hard Drive has various names, Flash Drive, Jump Drive, Thumb Drive Etc. If you are not a computer geek, here is how to use USB Hard Drive for Data Transfer and Storage.

A. Find a USB Slot on your computer or laptop. Connect the USB Hard Drive in this slot.
B. Your computer will detect the USB in couple of seconds, wait till then, fingers crossed. A pop up box will come in the bottom right corner of you computer monitor, saying, the system has found new hardware. Now your drive is ready to use. For a Mac PC the drive will appear in the Finder as a Mounted Drive.
C. Now open the file or folder you want to store in the USB Drive. For example; if you have a Folder or File in your Computer Disk “D” named ‘USB Tutorial’, and you want to store this in USB Hard Drive, simply open Disk D, and Copy or drag and drop. You can store as many files and folders as you wish depending on capacity of your USB Hard Drive.,
D. After you done, hover mouse in icon with green arrow in the system tray in lower right corner of the screen. A message will appear “safely remove hardware.” Click On this icon, again a message will appear "Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device” click OK and you are done. For a Mac PC, drag hard drive icon to the trash icon.
E. Now your desired file and folder is stored in USB Hard Drive, you can transfer it to other computer repeating same steps.

USB Hard Drive is great friend for storing important documents, presentations, photographs and carrying data with you. These are also very much useful when your office PCs are not connected with intranet. An USB Hard Drive is must have device for everyone who have even little to do with computers.